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Campfire Cooking: A Few Tips


Marinated porterhouse steak recipe make up the great percentage campfire cooking. Roasted corn, pepper, and dash of salt mainly contribute to the much to the campfire cooking. Coal is always regulated to ensure that all foods are ready almost the same. When foods finish cooking almost the same time, the flavor gets maintained at its peak. It also helps the food to keep hot for a while during the serving and consumption time.


It is always fun when cooking over an open campfire with iron being the source of lighting and heat. It is nice also to smell the sweet aroma from the set fire. It also comes with a smoky flavor from the open campfire where recipes are cooked. This makes one's mouth to water waiting for the food to be ready to take. Sliced carrots with finely chopped onion and garlic make a good flavor leaving one salivating.


To cook banana boats in a campfire, you are advised to chop the banana lengthwise and stud with chocolate chips as well as marshmallows. After preparation, wrap in a foil especially aluminum and put it on hot coal which now melts the marshmallow and the chocolate. After it is ready, eat it while hot, click here to know more!


Cheesy hot dogs can also be cooked in a campfire. Here is the recipe on how to go about it. First split the hot dogs lengthwise. After cutting, roast on a grill. Make sure you turn over and cover the split side with cheddar cheese and cook the skin under side.  Eat while warm to maintain the flavor and delicacy.


To prepare minute pizzas, cut the English muffins and spread pizza sauce on them. Mozzarella cheese is then sprinkled on them and pepperoni slices added on top. They are then placed on the grill for cooking. For adequate food, they are covered with a can to trap the heat and channel it onto the top pizzas. They can also be baked in an oven. To learn more on the benefits of Campfire Cooking, just go to


Makeshift pizza is cooked in large frying pans. You are supposed to bake the pizza crusts the night before or buy from the store. It is recommendable that you cover them to prevent breaking. Add tomato paste and mix with Italian spices. Introduce your favorite shredded cheese especially mozzarella. Build a small fire with dead pine branches. Spread tomato paste on the crust pan and shower with Italian seasonings and cover with aluminum foil. Take the coals away and place the pan down into the warm bed.  The pizza will be heated until the cheese melts. The pizza becomes bubbly and ready for consumption, click here to get started